Understanding a business, its strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities in context of a specific product or service: of The Plastics Recycling Industry  |  November 2010

Recycled PET has multiple uses, and one of them is to create fabrics to be used in the textile industry. The fabrics are created by spinning the PET flakes into thread yarns.  This is done just as easily as creating polyester from brand new PET. The recycled PET thread or yarn can be used either alone or together with other fabric fibers to create a wide variety of fabrics. ‘Vrijesh’ is a company which manufactures such fabrics.

The challenge of this project was to conduct a workflow analysis to identify opportunities to obtain clean recyclable PET for the factories of Vrijesh. As there isn’t a method followed to segregate recyclable materials from domestic waste in India, the PET here can not be used to manufacture the fabrics. This is because the cleansing process for the waste materials would consume a lot of energy, defying the purpose of helping the environment. Due to this Vrijesh imports the PET to manufacture the fabrics. The additional costs associated with this result in the cost of the fabric to rise eliminating the possibility for a market in India. 

 The outcome was identified opportunities and defined strategy for  sources of clean recyclable PET based on understanding of business, product, users and their tasks. It was found from the analysis that the cleanest sources are the restaurant and hotel industries where the waste is consciously segregated  

My role: Conducted user interviews,created user personas, worflow chart and identified opportunities for business strategy based on research