Redesigning the notice board system of Symbiosis Institute of Design (academic project) focusing on fashion design classrooms and redesigning the layouts to eliminate visual clutter  |  March 2009

A disorganized system of posting important academic notices and announcements which were difficult to visually locate. Often updates went unnoticed by students which resulted in missed deadlines and late submissions. 

The goal was to help students avoid wasting time looking through announcements and notifications to find the ones that relate to them.

Deep-dive research was conducted in the form of interviews with students to better understand the problem and professors to understand posting habits around assignments. Different layouts were tested for it’s impact on users and interviews were conducted to test various text labels and icons. 

An organized notification system in which icons are placed near a newly added notice to attract attention. To make this system relatable to the context of fashion design I used relevant icons. For example, a “safety pin” icon was used to indicate change in an assignment (like measurement changes for garments) and a “hanger” icon was used to indicate change in a submission date.

My role: Conducted a card sorting analysis, user research and explored various system designs.