Designing a user friendly gesture interface which is intuitive and can be comprehended easily by people from across the globe. Conducted and analyzed a world wide gesture study via face to face interviews in a UX lab and data analysis in order to improve the current interface’s user experience for Samsung Gesture televisions  |  October 2012

To understand which gestures work for TVs and consoles and to determine which gestures are most accepted (ones that people would use spontaneously) across many cultures for standard TV interactions. 

Human hand gestures as user interface for consumer electronic devices. We concentrated on spontaneous, natural gestures which could be carried out without seeing graphical menus on a screen. Gestures with hands or fingers as mouse substitutes (in combination with a GUI) were not included in the scope.

This study helped position Samsung as true global UX experts with a special consciousness of the cultural contexts. It raised their visibility within the UX scene and beyond significantly.

My role: A team project, I designed the study protocol, conducted  usability sessions with participants, conducted data analysis and presented findings to the team.