Designing a web interface to overcome problems faced by medical tourists in India  |  October 2011

Medical tourists often feel apprehensive about traveling to distant countries for medical treatements for various reasons such as communication problems. Due to this  skepticism they change their minds at the first stage of the process itself. The challenge of this project was to design a friendly interface  that presented comprehensive information.

Procedure work flow, user profiles, story board, visual explorations

Procedure work flow, user profiles, story board, visual explorations

Designed the screen interface of a tourist website which can be used by potential medical tourists in the comfort of their homes in foreign countries to register and complete procedure formalities hassle-free for medical procedures in India. The website also aims at providing information on the destination (such as maps, history, culture) so as to enhance the visitors experience of the city. The interface includes the following: 

• Information and interface design of registration process

• Personal profile which customizes advertisements on medical and travel according to the users requirements

• Progress report which keeps the user aware of how far along he is in the process  

• Itinerary maker which gives the user access to a calendar and planner on the website itself

• Unit converter which enables the foreign user to get accustomed to the change in units of measure and currency

My role: Conducted an online survey, interviewed medical tourists, identified user profiles, developed story boards, created wireframes and final visuals.